Hurricane Relief: Where Do Your Donations Go?

    The projected path of Hurricane Irma. Photo courtesy: Daily Express

    The aftermath of Hurricane Irma is heartbreaking. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma brought with them enough power to destroy countless cities and kill over 70 people.

    The damage caused by these storms amounted to almost $300 billion. Now that the storms have passed, relief organizations are hard at work. There are many displaced people in need of shelter and aid. In order to make reconstruction possible, donations and volunteers are needed. This is where onlookers throughout the rest of the country come into the picture.


    So Where Does Your Money Go?

    It depends. There are many different organizations that are currently collecting and those organizations distribute it in various ways. Some organizations give money to local teams, others use it for their own relief projects. Here’s a breakdown of what some organizations are doing with donations and where/how your money could be funded.


    American Red Cross: Set up 34 relief shelters in Texas, sent 200 emergency vehicles

    Salvation Army: Served 446,158 meals, 6,771 food boxes, 3,335 clean up kits and enough shelter for 2,917 people impacted by Harvey

    Houston Humane Society: Provided shelter and food for displaced animals and pets

    Operation Supply Drop: Gave needed supplies to communities, including: diapers, baby food, gas for boats, hygiene kits, and water.

    There are several organizations that list how they use their donations. If you donated, check out this list to see how your gift has made a difference.



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