Hullabahoos Showcase Talent at Fall Concert

    This past weekend The Hullabahoos kicked off their 2015-2016 season with their Fall Concert.

    This all-male a cappella group is one of the favorites amongst the U.Va community, branding themselves with the costume robes they wear during performances. Their website reads: “robed for your pleasure since 1987.” The Hullabahoos also pride themselves in their appearance in Pitch Perfect (2012).

    The Fall Concert is always exciting for this group because it is when they get to introduce their newest members. This year, they showcased new members Nick Tully, Stephen Ross, and Sherman Tabor in a talent show during the first half of their concert. Nick Tully went first, performing a dramatic dialogue to Kstylis’s “Trampoline Booty.” Sherman Tabor followed up with a Harry Potter reenactment, taking on the roles of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. And finally, Stephen Ross showcased his talent: his successful Instagram account. Third-year Surya Srirangarajan said that the reason for the talent showcase is “so that the audience can see why [the Hullabahoos] like [the new members] so much.”

    “The group dynamic with our new guys is better than ever!” said second-year Daniel LaBarbera. He continued, “Great singers and even better people. Each first-year contributes something really special to the group.”

    Another all-male a cappella group, The Academical Village People, performed during intermission. They performed two songs and in usual fashion, stripped out of their shirts while dancing during the last song. When asked about the relationship between a cappella groups on grounds, LeBarbera said, “all of the a cappella groups here at U.Va have super fun and great relationships … The overall a cappella community here is definitely welcoming and friendly.”

    During the second half, four Hullabahoos performed a tutorial showing how they put together an a cappella song by breaking down Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed Delivered” four-part harmony into the separate parts.

    “Not many people have been involved with an a cappella group before, so they don’t really understand what’s going on behind the scenes. We thought this would be a cool way to show how everyone in the group has a part to play/sing, and how we put all of the parts together to create the sound that everyone hears,” said Srirangarajan.

    The massive line of waiting students starting in the parking lot and leading into the Hullabahouse for Saturday night’s cast party proved that the Hullabahoos succeeded in pleasing their audience. Their next concert will be their Holiday Concert in December.


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