HooPolls: What Makes UVA Students “Quirky?

We asked several UVA students about their most unique quirk.

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Hi! I'm Lauren. I am a first year in the College of Arts and Sciences. I love to read, play music, and write. I plan to major in English with a possible minor in media studies.
I’m a third year student studying psychology who has a passion for media production and screen writing. I'm always looking for the opportunity to cover stories ranging from news, sports, and student life. You can reach me at acc7xx@virginia.edu
Executive Vice President, media studies major with media production knowledge from years of social media experience.
Nicole is a Second-Year student (UVA '25) from Richmond, VA. She is currently the 2022-2023 Marketing Director. She is pursuing a major in Commerce and Media Studies and can be reached at dms4tg@virginia.edu


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