HooPolls: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! We asked students On-Grounds about their favorite Thanksgiving traditions, food, and more! Check out their responses!

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I'm from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I serve as the Managing Director of the News department! You can reach me at carolinehburns@gmail.com.
I'm an 18-year-old male from Danville, Virginia who also is currently as first year student attending the University of Virginia. I intend on majoring in Computer Science and, potentially, Media Studies. I also currently hold An Associate's of Arts & Sciences in Science Degree with greatest honors from Danville Community College. My pronouns are He/Him or They/Them.
Hello everyone! I'm Sherry Wu from Anhui Province, China, and I'm a student at UVA, class of 2027. I'm planning to double major in Commerce and Media Studies. I have a strong interest in video production and marketing, and I'm also eager to learn editing skills. I'm excited to collaborate with the team at WUVA and grow together. Thank you!


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