Glenn Davis, the “Mellow” Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

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    Local businessman and Delegate to the 84th District of Virginia Glenn Davis is running for Lieutenant Governor. He is one of three candidates in the Republican primary on June 13th, 2017.

    Davis, born and raised in Hampton Roads, received his undergraduate degree from George Mason University. He served as a legislative aid to both Frank Wagner and Bob McDonald before starting his first company in 1999.

    “I started my first company six weeks before Christmas after getting laid-off from my job. It was a telecommunications company that I started in a one-bedroom apartment. Eight years later, it became one of the fastest growing IT companies in the US,” Davis said in an interview with WUVA News.

    Citing his experience as a self-made entrepreneur, Virginia Beach City Councilman, and two-term member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Davis centers his campaign around pro-business policy.

    “I am running because I believe the American dream is slipping away,” remarked Davis. “I’ve built a business up and taken it nationwide […] I understand first-hand the burdens.”

    For Davis, lifting the burdens on small businesses starts with reforming Virginia’s tax policy.

    “We need to get rid of an outdated, antiquated tax policy […] 70% of all jobs are created by businesses, we have to stop driving them away,” Davis states.

    Before setting out on the campaign trail, Davis purchased an RV, though not for recreation. He and his team have been traveling around Virginia, hitting all 42,775 square miles of the commonwealth. The RV, nick-named “Mellow Yellow” for its yellow seats, has become a mascot for the Davis campaign.

    “I told my team that this is not just a year or two of driving. We have another four years of making policy and you cannot just make changes in Richmond. You have to go to these places and see if your policies are having the intended consequences […] and if they are not, you change them,” said Davis.

    Davis concluded his interview with a message for University of Virginia students.

    “I have a long-term passion and interest in driving down the burden of tuition. I founded ‘No Obnoxious Tuition’ and we held rallies at ODU, George Mason, and the Capital. We have to make sure people can get a solid education […] that does not cost too much.”

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