GivingToHoosDay raised over 3 million dollars

On April 12th, the day before Thomas Jefferson’s 273rd birthday,
the annual ‘GivingToHoosDay’ raised over 3 million dollars. ‘GivingToHoosDay’ promotes friendly competition within the UVA community and helps to persuade UVa students, faculty members and alumni to donate money to the university. Among all of the colleges, clubs and programs that participated in this year’s competition, the College of Arts and Sciences won the competition by raising over $100,000 dollars in donations. Among the programs that participated in the contest, the Alumni Association ranked first in the number of people who made donations. In addition, President Sullivan initiated a $100,000 school challenge, in which each school earned a share of $40,000 based on the percentage of total dollars they raised. They are also given an additional $40,000 based on the gifts they received.

In response to the generous donations, students participated in the Thank-a-Thon by writing postcards to every donor to express their gratitude.

“We stand upon the shoulders of many giants that came before us that had the foresight and the generosity to build what is an amazing institution that we all benefit from every day, so to those of you who have made it possible, thank you” —from the GivingToHoosDay thank you video.

The competitions and President Sullivan’s challenge helped bring the UVA community together to support a common cause and render students a chance to show their gratitude to those who have helped make UVa the extraordinary institution it is today. To learn more about this year’s results, visit the GivingToHoosDay website.  To make a gift, visit .



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