Are Food Trucks the Future of UVa Dining?

Nothing compares to the feeling of walking past the amphitheater on a sunny afternoon with a delicious scent lingering in the air. The food trucks are known and loved on grounds, just ask the long line of students and faculty waiting to buy dumplings and BBQ every afternoon.

Photo courtesy: Lama Al-Eryani

Barry Long, the owner of BBQ U, has been on grounds with his stand for two years. As a father of a college student, he knows that Hoos want comfort food that is fast and affordable.

When asked if there are regular customers who flock to his stand instead of the dining halls on a daily basis, he replied: “I would say yeah because I understand the dining hall is very expensive. This is all home made food!”

Alex, a student who frequents the amphitheater to enjoy his dumplings echoed the same sentiments.

“I generally prefer the dumpling truck to the dining halls. I just think the food is higher quality.”

Another student, Salah, is “bored of going to the dining halls with friends so [he] decided to just enjoy the day…and spend some money.”

Salah hopes to eventually have a Chipotle stand on grounds and while that may not be an option in the foreseeable future, other students expressed that they favor the food trucks. Perhaps food trucks are the future of UVa Dining.


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