Everything You Need to Know About Sabre Points and Basketball Tickets

With basketball season just thirteen days away and regrets for not racking up Sabre Points by going to other sporting events have surged, questions have arisen about how the entire student basketball ticket system works. Look no further, for all the information regarding the SHOTS Student Ticket process is outlined here.

So, why has everyone been collecting Sabre Points? Because, a higher number of Sabre Points means having a greater chance at being granted student tickets for home basketball games. Students with the most Sabre Points will be amongst the first entry groups, meaning that they will be getting better seats.

Regardless of Sabre Points, every student has the opportunity to request a ticket. Whether they are chosen or not depends on demand and their personal quantity of Sabre Points. There are certain periods when students can submit a request for tickets, and they are conveniently listed on the Virginia Sports website here.

uva-basketballAn email will be sent to every student prompting them to request a ticket if they intend to go to a home basketball game. The email will redirect the student to the SHOTS website, where the student will have to log in with their Computing ID and follow the instructions on the screen in order to claim a spot in the lottery. The process is very similar to that of purchasing guest tickets during the football season.

Once the request is submitted, the student will be notified whether or not he/she has received a ticket within two days. If selected, the student will then receive an email with the mobile tickets attached.

Since the tickets are in mobile format, they can be presented to officials at the John Paul Jones Arena with a smartphone. Simply opening the PDF file that was attached to the email and presenting it to the officials suffices to gain entry to the event. The tickets can also be saved to the Apple Passbook app, if they were delivered in the corresponding format.

To see how many Sabre Points a Student has collected, all that is necessary is to log into the Virginia Sports website, hover over the “Manage My Account” link, and click on the “View my Priority Points.”

The process to receive a student basketball tickets may have become longer and more complicated, but it was created in order to avoid disorder and to give all students the opportunity to participate in The University of Virginia’s highly anticipated sporting events.


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