Dispute Over Ragged Mountain Natural Area

By: Sammi Rappaport and Sam Brosnahan

The Charlottesville City Council and Albemarle County Board of Supervisors are in a dispute over who has the legal right to permit biking at Ragged Mountain Natural Area, a piece of land just south of the University. WUVA’s Sammi Rappaport spoke to lawmakers, community members, and officials to see why it is taking so long for the city and council to come to a decision. Take a look to find out more.


  1. Huh, no concern over a hiker picking a flower, but a biker will stop to pick one…wait, sounds just as dumb when I say it…really that is a reason not to allow bikes.

  2. The county’s arguments don’t hold water (pun intended). Their arguments have been used for years and have been proven false by the science and years of experiences.
    We fought this exact battle here in Roanoke over the Carvins Cove reservoir.

  3. Mr. Randolph is like a muppet being controlled by a larger hand…perhaps, Sauron? “I know my honey would love that…I know a hiker could go off if they knew where those plants were”, gibberish, incoherent. And where was he and the BOS during the 18 months of orchestrated process with all the concerned city constituents? Nowhere. You are a hip pocket man in the haters pants.

  4. Nice piece of journalism and an embarrassing set of remarks by a public official. Mr. Randolph is obviously not informed on the issue here and should have refrained from making comments.

  5. I support biking the in RMNA, but think it’s common sense that the City is just a property owner in this situation. The City owns a piece of property in Albermarle County, so they have to follow the County’s rules.

    But my question is this: Kemper Park and the Saunders Trail along route 53 leading to Monticello are in the county, yet biking is allowed on those trails. What’s the difference?


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