Corner Bites: Bodo’s Bagels

In this week’s episode of Corner Bites, we visited one of Charlottesville’s most popular breakfast spots: Bodo’s Bagels. Check out our food review to see what makes this restaurant so iconic and what delicious items they have to offer.

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Ayathi Gogineni is a first-year in the College of Arts and Sciences at UVA pursuing a double major in Chemistry and Economics. While this is her first year working with WUVA News, she has previous experience in news/media through working in her high school newspaper organization as a staff member and Editor-In-Chief. She is passionate about podcasting and recording corner bites videos and hopes to begin an official research focused series at WUVA. Outside of WUVA, Ayathi is a dancer on the all-girls, Bollywood fusion dance team Sharaara and Volunteer Co-Chair of the MEDLIFE chapter at UVA.
Nicole is a Second-Year student (UVA '25) from Richmond, VA. She is currently the 2022-2023 Marketing Director. She is pursuing a major in Commerce and Media Studies and can be reached at


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