Charlottesville Promotes Sense of Community with Halloween Event

The city of Charlottesville held its annual “Downtown Safe Halloween Festival”  at the Sprint Pavilion on Saturday. The event brought the community together to celebrate and was considered a success by those who attended.

The family-friendly festival featured jugglers, a bouncy house, and a pumpkin-carving contest, all of which boasted a large crowd.

A young girls’ dance team dances to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September.”

A love for costumes, candy, and Halloween spirit brought thousands of individuals to the festival.

As one attendee put it, it was “nice to see a diverse gathering of Charlottesville residents that [wasn’t] based upon politics or rooted in controversy.”

Much to the contrary, the people at the event simply wanted to enjoy themselves.  It was a safe break from reality.

Although unavailable for comment, it appeared that the organizers of the festival sought to spur this communal feeling for people of all ages and backgrounds in the city.

A man in a Halloween mask pops out of the back of a van during a Charlottesville police officer’s telling of a scary story.

There was even an “escape space” designed specifically for children with sensory processing disorders who might have become easily overwhelmed by the bustling activity.

In light of recent events, some residents believe that it is more important now than ever to promote a safe and inclusive environment for the city of Charlottesville. The Downtown Safe Halloween Festival, with its amalgamation of music, contests, and activities, was a great excuse to do just that.


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