Charlottesville Police Investigate Series of Armed Robberies

The Charlottesville Police Department is leading an ongoing investigation of a string of armed robberies that have occurred since late August.

Photo courtesy NBC29
Photo courtesy NBC29

Three robberies have been executed in the area immediately surrounding the University since the beginning of the school year. The first occurred on August 21st near the intersection of Gordon Avenue and 15th Street around midnight. The second invasion occurred on August 31st in the 800 block of Cabell Avenue before midnight. The most recent incident transpired on September 4th in the 400 block of Rugby Road at approximately 11pm. These streets are popular off-grounds housing locations for undergraduate students.

The UVa Emergency Mail System alerted the university community of the three robberies as they occurred. While notifications of the first two robberies offered limited information, yesterday’s Rugby Road robbery update provided a description of the alleged perpetrators. Witnesses saw three shirtless black men between the ages of 20 and 25 with their shirts covering their faces leave the scene. They were last seen headed south on Rugby near Beta Bridge.

As the incidents continue, local law enforcement asks anyone with information on the attacks to contact the Charlottesville Police Department at 434-970-3280. In an email to the university community, University of Virginia Chief of Police Michael Gibson highlighted the emerging pattern and provided students with tips on how to act if they find themselves in a similar situation. Suggestions include remaining alert, complying with the robber’s demands, getting a good look at the suspect, calling the police immediately, and asking any witnesses to remain at the scene.

The University Police Department also reminded students of the resources they can use to avoid such incidents altogether, such as the University’s Ambassadors Program and Safe Ride.


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