Charlottesville Farmers Market is Back

On April 20, 2022, the CVille Market made a comeback to UVA grounds at the Amphitheater. Although it is typically held every year in the spring, COVID put a hold on the market’s appearance in the 2020-2021 school year. With school life slowly coming back to normalcy, however, students were able to participate in the support of local food businesses once again. The warm spring weather and the location of the market, The Amphitheater, made for a good turnout as we saw students exploring vendors, eating, and hanging out. Additionally, students were able to use their flex dollars via Grubhub, making it easier for both the vendors and students to conduct transactions. 

The local vendors that made up the Cville Market include Blue Ridge Bucha, Little Manila, Sombreros, Morven Kitchen Garden, Khadijah’s Kitchen, Global Problems, Local Solutions (Student Org. tabling), Homestead Creamery, Bellair Farm, Firefly, and Feel Good. The CVille Market was also a great opportunity for non-profit organizations like Feel Good and Global Problems, Local Solutions, to raise awareness and money towards their respective missions by selling food. 

Saya Butani, President of Feel Good, a CIO on Grounds, has provided us with a positive, first-hand account: “I thought that the Cville Market was a perfect way to wrap up the semester!! It was such a fun time, and was a great way to feel more connected to both the UVA and greater Charlottesville community! Being there as a part of FeelGood was very rewarding, as we were able to spread our mission of ending extreme global poverty and hunger while engaging with so many students and local vendors! Events like these are a part of what makes being a student at UVA feel so unique!” Check out Cville Market the next time it comes to Grounds!


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