Cavaliers Clinch Series Win Over Notre Dame

Courtesy Virginia Sports

On Friday afternoon, fans packed Davenport stadium to watch the ACC matchup against Notre Dame. Due to expected rain showers and inclement weather all day Sunday, the Hoos scheduled two series games for Friday evening, which meant a long, exciting night of baseball for both Wahoo players and fans. The first inning of Game One ended with 2 runs clocked in for both teams, making fans a bit nervous about how the series would play out. However, by the end of the second inning the Hoos were up 5-2, relieving the concerns of the fans and gaining momentum from then on.

Over the next two innings, Virginia racked up 6 runs, three of which were scored off of one play by Cam Simmons. Simmons hit a rocket line drive up left field where a Notre Dame outfielder fumbled the ball and was unable to control it, causing it to roll back to the fence giving the Cavaliers a chance to run three players home. At the bottom of the fourth, the Cavaliers had extended their lead 11-2. On the mound, third year Adam Haseley pitched a phenomenal game, allowing only two runs in the first inning of the match, then shutting out Notre Dame for the next five.

Rain and thunder encompassed Davenport Friday evening, but the sun continued to shine down on the Hoos who fought hard and did not let up the entire game. After allowing only two more runs for the remainder of the match, the Hoos ended Game One with a victory of 14-4.

Game Two started approximately forty minutes after the conclusion of Game One. After such a solid victory just forty minutes prior, the Hoos found themselves struggling to get runners in during Game Two. The match ended with the Hoos trailing behind the Fighting Irish 2-8, which meant it would all come down to the final game of the series Saturday morning.

Despite the difficult conditions and rain delays, the Hoos were able to clinch the series with an impressive shutout victory of 9-0. This series victory is the Cavaliers’ third straight ACC series win this season. The next ACC series play for the Cavaliers will begin this weekend at Florida State.



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