Bodo’s to move all bagels online amid coronavirus concerns

Bodo’s announced Wednesday its intention to move all bagels online beginning March 19th.


“We know that the online bagel experience will not be as enriching as the physical one, but we hope that our customers will bear with us as we do our part to mitigate this outbreak,” said a spokesperson for the business. “We will also be working with our customers to find a way to make certain menu items that are not as conducive to online dining – like jalapeno-lime cream cheese, or our signature BoJoe – available over the coming weeks.”


The local Charlottesville watering hole has been serving physical bagels for nearly 200 years and has not closed for a single day since its opening, not even during the Great Virginia Bagel Shortage of 1872.


“These are extraordinary times, and we are lucky that we have the luxury of moving our bagels online for the time being,” one worker told WUVA. “Plus, now our customers can get the #1 ticket without even having to leave their home.”


Customers will have one last chance to purchase physical bagels over the next few days before the temporary switch starts.



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