Athlete Profile: Nikki “Grape Queen” Freeman

Photo Courtesy Virginia Sports

Sport: Field Hockey

Position: Midfield

Hometown: Downington, PA

Major: Media Studies

Year: Junior

The people are dying to know, why do your teammates call you “Grape Queen?”          “I have an obsession with green, crunchy grapes.”

What is your go-to pre-game meal?                                                                                    Before every game I aways have either some sort of sandwich or chicken, because they both keep me full for a while and give me energy.”

If you could describe your playing style in one word, what would it be?                         “I think I would describe my play as quick and urgent. At this level, everyone is really fast and they all make quick decisions, so I always try to play with urgency and do everything as fast as I can.”

What is your favorite part about game day?                                                                      “ favorite part about game day is the pre game meal (consisting of peanut butter protein balls), or, if it is a home game, then my favorite part is the post game meal. After home games we always have a tailgate with all of our friends and family and they always have bomb meatballs.”

Your defense has had an impressive amount of shut outs this season, what can you accredit that success to?                                                                                            “In practice we have been working a lot on man marking and the importance of stepping up. I think all of our focus on that is definitely evident in the games because we don’t let our marks get the ball. Also our goalie, Carrera Lucas, does a great job communicating with the line in front of her and the entire team is extremely disciplined when it comes to tackling back on turnovers.”

Last question, you are stranded on an island and only have three items with you, what are they and why?                                                                                                    “Well first I would bring green crunchy grapes….. because I cannot live without them. I think I would also bring Michael Scott for pure entertainment purposes because it could get really boring on that island and I would want someone to laugh at. Third, I would bring my phone with me in the hopes that there would be some sort of wifi to be saved.”





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