Athlete Profile: Izzy “Iz” McDonough

Photo Courtesy Virginia Sports
Sport: Field Hockey
Position: Striker/Attack Midfielder
From: Kennet Square, PA
Major: Psychology
Year: Junior

What is your favorite class you’ve taken at UVA?                                             “Drama 1010, because it was really hands-on and interactive, and I also got to showcase my dramatic side.”

What is your go-to pregame meal?                                                                   “Before every game I have to drink coffee. Then we usually always have protein balls with m&ms in the locker room and I eat like three of those, they’re delicious.”

What is your locker room ritual?                                                                          “The team always has a pregame dance party, and I’m usually very involved in that. I just kinda jump up and down though because I’m not the best dancer, but everyone gets hype regardless.

What is your go-to pump up jam?                                                                      Molly Cyrus is always played in the locker room, but I’m more into Beyonce and other songs to sing along to.”  

If you could describe your playing style in one word, what would it be?                  “…Uh, I would say jumpy, or bouncy. My teammates tell me I look like a bunny when I play.”

What is the team’s focus for this season?                                                              “We always say ‘stay present’,  which means to not look ahead onto other games. We like to focus all of our energy into one game at a time. Then, once that game is over, we close the book (meaning we don’t talk about that game again) so we can start focusing on the next one.”

The field hockey team has outscored its opponents 51-12 in the past 8 games, what is the secret to the team’s offense?                                                             “The team works so well together, and we clicked right from the start. Each player is confident on the ball and just plays very simple, clean hockey.” 




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