Adrenaline Film Project Brings Competition to the Virginia Film Festival

The 13th annual Adrenaline Film Project will be featured during the Virginia Film Festival from November 3-5. The Project is a 72 hour film competition in which 10-12 teams work on writing, producing, directing, filming and editing a three-five minute long minute film.

Image courtesy Adrenaline Film Project
Image courtesy Adrenaline Film Project

Participants in the film competition will be guided by mentor industry experts Leigh Kilton-Smith (an acting coach whose body of work includes popular film and television shows like Friends, Divergent, and Iron Man), Kevin Hart (a UVA alum who most recently works as an edit coordinator for Sony Pictures Animation’s Smurfs: The Lost Village) and Adrenaline founder Jeff Wadlow (who wrote and directed Kick-Ass 2).

During the creative process, participants are assigned a genre, prop, and line of dialogue that the teams will have to incorporate into their films. The productions are made at the Robertson Media Center on the third floor of Clemons Library, where two technical directors serve as resources if the teams need help.

After the project is completed, the completed films are shown at the Culbreth Theater during the Virginia Film Festival to an audience that will vote on their favorite film.

“It’s a really cool event where you can see the adrenaline that went into the whole process because everyone has been up for that long,” undergraduate Adrenaline coordinator Dallas Simms shared. “It’s a hectic but cool environment…I think if you’re interested in the film industry at all, it’s a great opportunity to see all avenues of film production condensed within 72 hours.”

Prize packs and awards are distributed to winners of the competition. In addition to the Audience Award, in which the audience members vote on their favorite film, the Jury Award and the Mentors Award are also awarded.

“It’s a really fun experience,” said second year and Adrenaline coordinator Sarah Ross. “The experience itself can offer so much to broadening your skills. I think it’s a really unique experience that you can’t get elsewhere.”

Applications are live right now at and will stay open until October 14th.


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