ADAPT’s “Work Hard, Play Smart” Pledge Seeks to Create Safer Spring Breaks

Courtesy: ADAPT@UVA

This week, UVa’s Alcohol, Drug and Prevention Team (ADAPT) has been tabling on Grounds to encourage safer spring breaks through their “Work Hard, Play Smart” pledge.

The multi-part pledge asks students to commit to a number of behaviors that could diminish the chance of alcohol-related injury to themselves and others. By signing the document, students promise to not drink and drive or ride with a driver who has been drinking. They also agree to watch their drinks at all times, take care of their friends, and look out for their own health and safety. After signing, students receive ADAPT giveaway cups filled with safety reminders, a sticker, car freshener, and a condom. Students also receive credit card holders that stick to the backs of their phones that advertise the “Work Hard, Play Smart” slogan.

Libby Firer, a fourth year student and intern for ADAPT, said that the pledge has spread rapidly since its development in 2010. She believes that students respond well to the campaign’s tagline.

“As dedicated students, we enjoy excelling academically, but also enjoy celebrating our accomplishments. Our goal is to promote safer ways to socialize, and to embrace the “Work Hard, Play Smart” slogan,” Firer said.

Brianna Cabrera, a second year student and intern who helped develop the program, believes the pledge is effective in creating safer spring breaks.

“Through our ADAPT training, we’ve learned that people are more likely to follow through on their intentions when they make a public commitment. For some of our pledge campaigns, we’ve had students choose not to sign the pledge when they realize what they’re signing. We think people really take the seriously, and only commit if they feel that they can follow through,” Cabrera said. She claims that students have returned their giveaways if they felt that did not abide by their pledge.

Savannah Borders, a fourth year student, signed the pledge on Monday.

“I decided to sign because I think that while spring break should be fun, it’s important to be aware of the risks around you. It’s so easy and so worth it to take a minute and remember the safety practices outlined by the pledge,” Borders said.

Borders is going to Texas and Florida next week for spring break, and  plans to take care of herself while on away.

“We really want to encourage students to think about their actions and foster conversation on how to stay safe no matter where they are,” Boreders said.


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