A Wahoo’s Guide to Fall in Charlottesville

It is that time of the year again when UVa students’ stress levels are reaching all-time highs because of midterm season and increasingly difficult course work. It is crucial however, that these Wahoos make time for leisure activities to maintain mental health and happiness. Luckily, there are plenty of activities throughout Charlottesville that allow students to get into the fall spirit.

Studying inside continuously can leave library-goers feeling anxious and stir-crazy, so take advantage of Cville’s fall scenery and spend time outside. There are plenty of outdoor study spots and taking homework breaks to go for a run or walk will ease stress.

Hiking is a popular past-time for many Wahoos. This upcoming week, fall foliage is expected to peak so grab friends and explore. Shenandoah National Park offers many different hikes of varying levels of intensity and distances.

“My favorite trail is Bear Fence in Shenandoah National Park, but it tends to be a far drive so Black Rock Trail is also a nice and more convenient hike,” said second-year Andrew Hensley.

Skyline Drive also provides a scenic drive with lookout spots where people can admire the vast views of Virginia’s natural landscape

Going to Carter’s Mountain is another good way to spend the afternoon. The orchard is known for its apple-picking along with its signature apple cider and apple-flavored donuts.

Fall-themed events are also happening all over grounds.

On October 24th “Puppies and Pumpkins” will be held in the Amphitheater from 4-6pm. This is a fan favorite for many UVa students because they are able to de-stress by playing with pups.

The University Programs Council is hosting its “Halloween Bash” on October 28th starting at 10 pm and ending at 2 am. Activities include ghost tours, a costume contest, and crafting.

Most importantly, the classic UVa tradition of Trick or Treating on the Lawn will be held on Halloween from 4-6pm. This event unites university students and Charlottesville townies on grounds for an autumn evening of candy-collecting.


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