Here are the 2018 University Election Results!

Photo courtesy: UVa Student Activities

Last night around 8 pm, the UVa Board of Elections (UBE) released a report detailing the poll results from this week’s University-wide student elections. Students casted their votes with UBE digitally from 10 am on Wednesday until 4 pm on Friday. Here are the victors:


Student Council President: Alex Cintron

Student Council VP for Administration: Sydney Bradley

Student Council VP for Organizations: Ty Zirkle


Second Year Council President: Jason Anderson

Second Year Council VP: Kristin Myers

Third Year Council President: Omar Elhaj

Third Year Council VP: Ginny Brooks

Fourth Year Trustees President: Galen Green

Fourth Year Trustees VP: Rebecca Soistmann

Engineering Council Fourth Year Board President: Dany Chaillo


Student Council Question 1: Gender Neutral Pronouns: 

In favor

Student Council Question 2: Term Commencement

In favor

Student Council Question 3: Presidential Veto

In favor

Student Council Question 4: Representative School of Enrollment

In favor

Honor Question: Gender Inclusive Language

In favor

University Board of Elections Question: Member Appointment

In favor


  1. Architecture School: 

Council President: Jordan Richardson

Council Secretary: Charis Fortunato

Council Treasurer: Kim Corral

Council VP: Winston Tang

Honor Representative: Kelly O’Meara

Judiciary Representative: Jordan Richardson

2. School of Continuing and Professional Studies:

Honor Representative: Jennifer Simpson

3. School of Education (Undergraduate):

Honor Representative: Al Ahmed

Judiciary Representative: Al Ahmed

4. School of Education (Graduate): 

Council Scholarship and Professional Development Chair: Alexandra Quinn

Honor Representative: Andrew McCartnet

5. Nursing School:

Council President: Taylor O’Neal

Council VP: Elizabeth Weller

Honor Representative: Catherine Powell

Judiciary Representative: Lauren Brill

6. School of Medicine: 

Honor Representative: Gregory Streeter

Student Council Representative: Edwin Lu

7. Batten (Graduate):

Council President: Amy Dalrymple

Council Special Events Chair: Turner LaBrie

Council Treasurer: Catherine Griesedieck

8. Batten (All):

Judiciary Representative: Stephanie Ibanez

9. School of Engineering: 

Council President: Mary-Michael Robertson

Council VP: Allison Horenberg

Council Secretary: Camryn Burley

Council Treasurer: Bhavya Ravigopal

Honor Reprsentative: Julia Batts

Judiciary Representative: Kevin Warshaw

10. School of Engineering (Undergraduate):

Student Council Representative: Shivani Saboo

11. Commerce (All):

Honor Representative: Caitlin Knowles

12. Commerce (Undergraduate):

Council President: Anant Das

Council VP: Sarah Lau

12. College of Arts and Sciences:

Council President: Parker Moore

Council Treasurer: Aneeka Britto

Council VP: Chelsea Li

Honor Representative: Mariana Brazao

Judiciary Representative: Jordan Arnold

Student Council Representative: Avery Gagne

For vote share percentages and more, click here. Stay tuned in to WUVA News for interviews with the recent election winners.


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