UVA to Provide PPE for Students and Faculty this Fall

Incoming and returning UVA students and staff will be well equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) when they return to grounds next fall. The University will provide two cloth masks to all students and faculty to help them comply with the recent face-covering policy. The policy states that any person in an indoor space on grounds will be required to wear facial covering. This to prevent the unnecessary spreading of germs. 

For students, the set of masks will come to them in a “welcome back” kit. The package will be in the form of a drawstring bag, filled with 2 cloth masks, 2 personal hand sanitizers, and a ‘touch tool’. The tool will allow students to open doors and touch common spaces without actual contact and is small enough to be kept on a key chain. 

UVa director of emergency management, John DeSilva and his colleagues are doing everything they can to be proactive in protecting the community from one another’s bacteria. 

“We are focused on having the students, the faculty and staff remain as safe as possible in these uncertain times” said DeSilva. 

Between the “welcome back” kits and masks for employees, the University will spend about $400,000 on this protection. 



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