10 Wellness Tips to Get You Through This Semester’s Unrelenting and Tormentous Midterm Season:

Has the constant barrage of exams, papers, and panic in the class GroupMe got you down? Have you simply tried not being stressed? Me neither, so here’s what we’re doing instead to get through the coming weeks with clear, calm minds.

10. Skip the CAPS line by booking a “lunch with Jim” and telling him about your problems instead!

9. Practice mindfulness by mindfully slamming the log off button on your academic email and simply never log back in. You will feel better.

8. Go to a random CIO meeting. UVA will say this is because finding community is vital. I can tell you it’s because behind every student-run listserv, there is absurdly intricate and hierarchical drama the likes of which you will never fully understand. Very entertaining and a great distraction from whatever you’ve got going on!

7. Harness UVA’s hypercompetitive culture by openly bragging about how much sleep you’re getting and how you’ve remembered to eat breakfast every day this week. In time, this will make you the coolest and most successful person on grounds. 

6. Consider joining a pyramid scheme. They seem pretty happy.

5. Transfer your negative emotions to someone else by asking a Comm student why we can’t just solve our debt problem by printing more money. Now, you’re only the second-most upset person in the room.

4. If you’re looking for self-care, Bodo’s does leave free bagels in the bags on the counter. Just walk up and grab one!

3. I don’t know, have you tried yoga?

2. They do say laughter is the best medicine, so try to revel in the bitter and resentful laughter that surfaces every time someone asks you if you’ve tried CAPS yet.

  1. If all else fails, just remember: there are people in this world who literally go to Virginia Tech.


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