Foxfield 2023: Preview to 2024 Flashback to the Foxfield races 2023 as we prepare for Foxfield 2024, another day of horse races, excitement, and gathering of UVA students from various organizations/clubs.

Bop or Flop: Tortured Poets Department Taylor Swift's new album, Tortured Poets Department, composed of 30+ songs released on April 19, 2024. Let's hear Swifties' thoughts on the new album!

Bop or Flop: Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter This edition of Bop or Flop focuses on Beyonce's new album: Cowboy Carter. WUVA reporter Shakira Pina asks students on the corner about their thoughts regarding this latest contribution to the music industry from...

Student Band Series: No Composure This episode of the Student Band Series highlights the band No Composure; catch them playing at the Old Dorms Quad in the evenings! Footage Credit: @elena.drums Instagram

HooPolls: Spring Break Edition Let's hear what Cavaliers' plans are for Spring Break 2024 and more!

HooPolls: Kiss, Marry, Kill UVA students kiss, marry, or kill Boylan Heights, Trinity Irish Pub, and Crozet Buddhist Biker Bar! Footage Credits: MotionArray Produced By: Shakira Pina, Daniel Morris