A Student Story: Tania Rodriguez Tania: "Hello, my name is tania. I am not always around, but when I am, I'd like to tell you a story. Could you please take a seat and sit back to listen?" Produced...

Days on the Lawn: UVA Stereotypes

We went out to talk to newly admitted students during Days on the Lawn asking them: What stereotypes do they have of UVa students, and are they are coming here? Check it out. Produced by Sophie...

Repairing the Brain – A UVA Student’s Journey Through a Seismic Change Justin Hennessy is a 3rd year student at the University of Virginia who was suffering from a benign brain tumor. After surgery his entire world changed. Produced by Rachel Liesendahl

Going Clubbing: Swing Club

On this Going Clubbing we visit Swing Club, learning a lot about Swing, including a little history of the dance itself. Produced by: Eliza Falk, Phineas Alexander

Professor Spotlight: Francesca Calamita

Dr. Francesca Calamita is a lecturer in Italian Studies who came to UVa in August 2014. She is originally from a small town close to Viterbo, which is near Rome. Calamita's entire family still...

In Their Shoes: Life from the Perspective of a Homeless Charlottesville Resident

A life-long resident of Charlottesville, who for years has drifted in and out of homelessness, has found a home in the heart of his community. UVA students and Charlottesville residents alike frequent the Corner, yet not...