Welcome #UVA22! Here’s Your Guide to Grounds

Today begins move-in day for The University of Virginia Class of 2022. Welcome. Please enjoy and utilize our Guides to Grounds, designed for you:

Professors Are People Too: Episode 1 – Dana Elzey

Each week in Professors Are People Too we ask a professor to tell us a story. This week we took the time to talk to Dana M. Elzey, Associate Professor of Materials Science & Engineering....

What’s Best: Where to Go When You’ve Gotta Go at UVA Ever wonder where you should use the bathroom for maximum enjoyment? In this episode of What’s Best, Luca determines the best bathroom on Grounds by sitting on toilet seats with his pants on. Produced by:...

Humans of UVA: Kai Rossbach   This week, Humans of UVA hit the gym with competitive powerlifter Kai Rossbach. Check it out! Music by Yondo

Miss Kathy: What’s not to love about Miss Buttkicker?

By: Caroline Coleburn, Mekenzye Schwab, Mia Barron  The lady we all know as Miss Kathy has worked for UVA Dining for fifteen years, and we wanted to know how she stays so positive.

UVA’s Orientation Leaders : A Day In The Life Every UVA student goes through orientation, but not as many get to go behind the scenes and become one of the people that make it happen. WUVA followed some Orientation Leaders around one of...