OPINION: UVa’s Policy on Sexual Assault is Embarrassing

“Each of us has the power to step in and help someone we believe might be vulnerable to sexual violence.” This is UVa’s policy on sexual assault, and it’s problematic for a couple of reasons....

Recently Legalized Everclear Banned From VA Campuses

After much controversy, Everclear became legal in Virginia on July 1st. The unflavored, odorless grain alcohol is 151-proof, suggesting it is potentially dangerous and should not be sold in stores. The bill passed on...

Watch New UVa President James Ryan’s Speech on the Lawn

Today President-Elect James Ryan, future 9th president of the University, stood on the steps of the Rotunda and gave his speech in front of his crowd. Check out WUVA's condensed version of his speech:

The Reconstruction and Reopening of Coupes We interviewed students about the popular, but still closed, corner bar, Coupes.

What’s going on in Zimbabwe? Professor Robert Fatton Tells Us

The recent situation in Zimbabwe has been peculiar. The military has detained President Robert Mugabe and now he has retired as president, ending 37-year rule. What's going on? For an expert opinion, we sat...

VIDEO RECAP: “Democracy Dialogues” with Larry Sabato

Wednesday night, hours after Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, UVA kicked off the first of its Democracy Dialogues series with Professor Larry Sabato. The webinar discussed the 2020 Presidential Elections, Capitol breach, and...