Larry Sabato’s Passion for Politics and Love for Students Drives his $2 Million Donation

The University of Virginia’s Center for Politics is looking to raise $30 million dollars in the Bicentennial fundraising that is set to occur over the next three years.  Renowned politics professor Larry Sabato has...

UVA to UPenn: Magill Takes New Role

This spring semester is beginning with the news of a dramatic shift in faculty. Executive Vice President and Provost Liz Magill has been nominated to be the ninth president at the University of Pennsylvania,...

Suitcase to Briefcase: How Charlottesville’s Homeless are Learning to Start Their Own Businesses

See how one Charlottesville business course is attempting to help the city's homeless to get back on their feet. By Sammi Rappaport, Shaelea Carroll, Sam Brosnahan

Interview with Ukrainian Activist WUVA reporter Vale Lightfoot talks with Ukrainian Activist and asks about ways for UVA students to get involved.

America’s Reaction to NZ Gun Reform Following the horrific attacks at the two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, gun control immediately became a topic of conversation. Political actors and social groups from all sides of the gun debate weighed in. Produced...

Professor Cavalcante on Media’s Effect on the Transgender Experience   WUVA News sat down with Professor Cavalcante for a deep dive into his research about media and the transgender experience as well as his book Stuggling for Ordinary. Produced by: Carolyn Schaumburg Kyra Min Brynn Jefferson