Independence Day: Celebrating Being an American WUVA attended the Monticello July Fourth Naturalization event, hearing the stories of the new citizens, and reminding us of the things that unite us despite our differences.

TikTok vs. US: Interview with Professor Aynne Kokas WUVA interviewed Professor Kokas to consult professional opinions on the ongoing debate about the potential TikTok ban.

Interview at the Virginia Theatre Festival with Artistic Director Jenny Wales WUVA interviewed Artistic Director Jenny Wales about the Musical Revue, celebrating 50 years of the Virginia Theatre Festival. Produced by: Daniel Hong, Daisy Wong

The Blue Ridge Center: A Battle Against Bias UVA Professor of Politics Gerard Alexander founded The Blue Ridge Center to address "educational gaps". Through reading groups and speaker series, the center offers students diverse discussions on important political issues.

Fae Festival with Ewa Harr On June 7th, WUVA reporters interviewed Ix Art Park Executive Director Ewa Harr and attended the 2024 Fae Festival.