HooPolls: Do You Really Know UVA Slang

This week on HooPolls we went to the corner to ask Hoos what they think about slang at UVA. Produced by: Victoria Hodge, Lama Khraibani
Sustained Dialoguevideo

Going Clubbing: Episode 8 – Sustained Dialogue

Dive into the deep issues with a diverse community of your peers in Sustained Dialogue at UVA! Welcome to Going Clubbing! Produced by: Kelly Moore, Elinor Dinkin

Welcome #UVA22! Here’s Your Guide to Grounds

Today begins move-in day for The University of Virginia Class of 2022. Welcome. Please enjoy and utilize our Guides to Grounds, designed for you:

‘Hoos on Vacation: London Edition

This summer, Gordon Bailey — vice president and general manager at WUVA News — traveled across the pond to spend his summer like a Londoner! Take a look. What did you do this summer? WUVA...

HooPolls: Class ’22 on Dining Hall Food, Secret Societies & More! We went to the Class of '22 student orientation to ask the new First-Years about their first impressions of Grounds. Check out what they think about dining hall food, secret societies & more!

Prof Talk: Is Facebook a Global Threat? In today's Prof Talk, UVA Professor Siva Vaidhyanathan explains how Facebook has become a global threat to democracy. It's not just babies and dog pictures out there. Watch to find out why social media,...