UVA Career Center Future Plans

College Students’ Future Plans Threatened by Pandemic

According to research published this week by Axios, three quarters of college students who lined up internships or post-graduate jobs have seen them threatened or cancelled amid the coronavirus pandemic. With infection rates rising...

Coronavirus: How I Lost Four Jobs in Four Days

People used to know me as many things; I was a sports commentator, racing mechanic, ESPN employee, fry cook, and a Domino’s delivery driver. Yes, I know that seems like a lot. A nineteen...

How Are Online Classes Going? WUVA checked in with UVA professor Roger Martin to talk about the transition from on-grounds to online. Produced by: Brynn Jefferson Music courtesy of Bensounds
uva announces hiring and salary freeze

Freeze in Hiring and UVA Salaries Announced Due to COVID-19

On Tuesday, the University of Virginia announced that hiring and salaries will be frozen as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. No vacancies in faculty, staff, or health team member positions will be filled...

Coronavirus in Virginia Expected to Peak on May 28

The spread of coronavirus will likely peak in Virginia on May 28 — more than one month after the nation's overall peak on April 15 — according to the University of Washington's Institute for...

UVA’s Local Development of COVID-19 Test WUVA spoke to UVA's public information officer, Eric Swenson, about UVA's recent development of a COVID-19 test and its eventual effects on the greater Charlottesville area.   Produced by: Brynn Jefferson Kyra Min