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I'm a Second-Year student at the University of Virginia. Over the summer I had an internship with WUVA. I'm now the Director of Marketing for WUVA, so feel free to reach out to me with any marketing, business, or social media ideas! Contact me at:

Foxfield Races: 2019 Re-live Foxfield 2019! See what UVA students have to say about the best, and weirdest, parts of the Foxfield Spring Horse Races.

UVA Road(trip) to FINALS and Lip Tattoos WUVA follows Virginia students Jason Anderson, Connor Parish, Adam Lenox and Martha Gallagher on their time in Minneapolis before the Championship Game! Watch for...

COMM 2010, 2020 – An Online Revolution or a Disaster?

In this documentary WUVA explores the nature of Commerce 2010 and 2020, the introductory accounting prerequisites for the McIntire School of Commerce. These classes...

Governor McAuliffe on Trump and the Government Shutdown At Thursday's 20th Annual American Democracy Conference, WUVA spoke with former Governor Terry McAuliffe about Drumpf and the historic government shutdown. We also asked...

WUVA’s Guide To UVA Transportation Do you still struggle with UVA's bus routes? Maybe you have a friend or sibling who will hopefully be coming to UVA soon and...

HooPolls: HOO Would Get a Tattoo?! Lip Tattoos? Bald eagles? On this week's HooPolls, we asked people on the Corner about their thoughts on tattoos, how their PARENTS would respond,...