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I am Sophia Celentano, a third year student majoring in Psychology! My contact info is

Interview with President Jim Ryan: Looking Back on The 2022-2023 School Year WUVA reporter Elisa Maiolo speaks with President Jim Ryan about some of the pressing issues from this past year.

UVA’s Protocols for Active Threats | Interview with Timothy Longo, UVA Chief of Police There has been an increase in mass shootings all across America this year. We sat down with Timothy Longo, UVA's Chief of Police, who...

HooPolls: How Much do Incoming First Years Know about UVA? We asked several students in the Class of 2026 to see how much they know about the university.

WUVA’s Updated Guide to Grounds: Off-Grounds Housing

Welcome back to Season 2 of WUVA's Guide to Grounds! In this episode, our new host, Sophia Celentano, shares off grounds housing options for...

How Will College Women be Impacted by the Overturning of Roe? Reporter Sophia Celentano explores how the overturning of Roe vs Wade will impact college women. Through interviewing advocates from both sides of the abortion debate and...

WUVA’s Guide to First Year Orientation

UVA's First Year Orientation is finally back in person! We followed Olivia Wilkinson, a senior orientation leader, and Jessica Liang, an incoming first-year, who...