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I like to make videos that are informative or fun, and sometimes both. Class of 2019. Please contact me with any feedback, story ideas and/or tips at

3 Keys to Why UVA Football Lost vs Pittsburgh Find out the 3 keys to why UVA Football Lost vs Pittsburgh and what it reveals about the team. Produced by Robb Dehney, Matthew Kesselman Photos/Video by Jonathan...

I Can’t Leave Until I Get 1000 Followers. THIS IS WUVA 1K. [WUVA COMEDY]

WUVA President Matthew Kesselman was stationed outside of Observatory Hill Dining Hall, unable to leave until he collected 1,000 new followers. What resulted was an...

Get in the Game: Men’s Lacrosse

What makes lacrosse such a unique sport? What kinds of celebrations does the team do after scoring a goal? Find out, on this episode...

A Student Story: Tania Rodriguez Tania: "Hello, my name is tania. I am not always around, but when I am, I'd like to tell you a story. Could you...

Get in the Game: Swimming

Is there a such thing as home pool advantage? Did Emma have to get rescued by the AFC lifeguards because she cant swim? ...

NOW: What Were Students Marching For!?

On this NOW reporter Phineas Alexander breaks down today's "March to Dr. Support Christine Blasey Ford" hosted by One in Four at UVA and...