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I am a current fourth year at UVA (Class of 2021) and am majoring in Media Studies, minoring in Philosophy. Feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, or comments at

NOW: Hometown Rock Hero Return!

Today on NOW, Dave Matthews band announces 2 final tour dates and discussion of David Blaire's appearance on Grounds last night. Produced by Aurora Calderone,...

NOW: Renovations and Republicans

Today on NOW, Kyra Min discusses school renovations and gives a breakdown of Senator Tim Kaine's compelling political race. Produced by Kyra Min and Aurora...

NOW: Block Party… 2 Felonies?

It's been a crazy past few days of news. On today's WUVA NOW we discuss: 1. Cayden Jacob Dalton, a third year charged with...

Toys “R” Bust

Bad News Well, it looks like Geoffrey the Giraffe's pockets aren't so deep after all. This past week, Toys "R" Us filed for bankruptcy protection...

Hurricane Relief: Where Do Your Donations Go?

The aftermath of Hurricane Irma is heartbreaking. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma brought with them enough power to destroy countless cities and kill over 70...

OPINION: Women in the White House, Spotlight on Elaine Chao

The Real Truth Just so it is clear, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign loss doesn't mean that there isn’t a strong female representative in the White House. In...