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I am Jason Banks, a third year student majoring in History. My contact info is

UVA Admissions: Legacy Preference and Affirmative Action In this video, WUVA Reporter Sydney Nelson takes a look at the history of legacy preference and affirmative action in the collegiate admissions process....

TikTok at UVA: Student Perspectives TikTok, the trending social media app specializing in short form videos, has recently been contested as concerns arise related to data security. The app...

The Reconstruction and Reopening of Coupes We interviewed students about the popular, but still closed, corner bar, Coupes.

The Future of Standardized Testing at UVA We spoke with Charlotte Vazquez; a third-year nursing student; and Ymanee Monestine; a second-year student; to hear their thoughts on an optional approach to...

UVA’s Protocols for Active Threats | Interview with Timothy Longo, UVA Chief of Police There has been an increase in mass shootings all across America this year. We sat down with Timothy Longo, UVA's Chief of Police, who...

Coach Lars Tiffany Talks 2022 Season and the Future of Men’s Lacrosse Program

We spoke to UVA Men’s Lacrosse Coach, Lars Tiffany, who reflected on past season's performance and shared his goals for the future.