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Joseph Fisher is an Economics major from The Plains, Virginia. When he is not working on projects with WUVA, he enjoys unicycling, playing drums, and researching the Golden Age of Piracy.

NOW: President Ryan Initiates Working Group Between The University and Charlottesville Community Earlier today President Ryan announced a working group aimed at forming a stronger bond between UVA and the Charlottesville community. Reporter Joseph Fisher breaks...

NOW: Update on White Supremacists in Cville! Four members of the White Supremacist group Unite the Right have been indicted for their actions at August's rally.  

NOW: Why are We Still Paying a Retired Police Chief? Why is the retired Police Chief still on the city payroll? WUVA takes a look at this controversial discovery. Check out WUVA's full recap leading...

NOW: What Were Students Marching For!?

On this NOW reporter Phineas Alexander breaks down today's "March to Dr. Support Christine Blasey Ford" hosted by One in Four at UVA and...

NOW: Crime, Kaine, College Town

Today on NOW, a robbery and sexual assault were reported just yesterday, with a suspect being apprehended earlier today. Also, Senator Tim Kaine is...

NOW: President Ryan Goes to his First Board of Visitors Meeting!

On this WUVA NOW we discuss both The Board of Visitors first meeting this academic year and UVA’s Panel to discuss Trump’s Presidency. Check...