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Amelia Delphos
Amelia is the President and Summer News Director of WUVA. She is a rising Third-Year. Email:

Donate to Grand Marc Relief Fund Saturday night, a sprinkler went off in a Grand Marc apartment causing catastrophic flooding and damage. In order to combat this, WUVA Comedy has...

WUVA LIVE – Censorship on Grounds Reporter Jess Miller sits down with the President of newly formed CIO “Hoos Against Censorship” to discuss growing concerns of censorship of student media...

Adventures in UVA Tinder WUVA Comedy brings you the results of their deep dive into the depths of UVA Tinder. If you don't know already, find out who...

WUVA Update: Trump, Amazon and Reading Days, Oh My! [WUVA Comedy]

Amelia Delphos is back with another weekly update, covering topics from Trump to Amazon’s new minimum wage. Produced by Amelia Delphos

WUVA Update: Kava-not? [WUVA COMEDY]

Amelia takes you through all of this week's trending topics, ranging from Brett Kavanaugh to her grandmother. Produced by: Amelia Delphos and Aaryan Balu

Personalzipine: BORING? We Can Help! [WUVA COMEDY]

In this WUVA Comedy video, students ask — Do you ever worry that you're just a little too basic? Do you have a hard...