Prof Talk: “Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think” Gerard Alexander, the author of "Liberals, You're Not as Smart as You Think," spoke to WUVA about his disregard for cultural appropriation, and the...

Prof Talk: What does Trump’s Meeting with North Korea Mean? UVA professor Will Hitchcock spoke last week about what the North Korea summit could mean for both countries. Watch today's episode to find out!

HooPolls: Roseanne vs the NFL WUVA's weekly HooPoll takes to the street to gauge how people feel the first amendment applies to both Roseanne and the kneeling NFL players.

UVA Revises Policy PRM-017. What’s going on?

Today Teresa Sullivan announced that UVa revised their policy PRM-017. Specifically, the policy mandates that "unaffiliated persons" apply for permission to engage in public...

How many People were Arrested/Hospitalized at Foxfield?

Foxfield was crazy. As usual. Find out the stat breakdown of arrests/hospitalizations right here. Produced by Phineas Alexander, Matthew Kesselman

WATCH NOW: Anderson Paak and the Free Nationals performance at Spring Fest!

Produced by Phineas Alexander

Guide to Grounds: Episode 6 – Making the Most of It

In the grand finale of Guide to Grounds, our host Emily Graffeo gives advice on how to make your First Year at UVa one...

Professors Talk News: What’s Really the Deal with Bitcoin

On this episode of Professors Talk News Assistant Professor of Commerce Robert Parham discusses Cryptocurrency and some of the fascinating implications of Bitcoin's trajectory...

Watch Charlottesville’s Democrat Caucus

Today Charlottesville held a Democrat Caucus. Candidates Leslie Cockburn, a representative of Roger Dean Huffstetler, and Andrew Sneathern, spoke to a crowd of 752...

Guide to Grounds: Episode 5 – Choosing Classes

Hey #UVA22! On this episode of Guide to Grounds our host Emily Graffeo gives you ALL the information you need for your upcoming class enrollment. Produced...

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NOW: Latinx Open Letter and Confederate Statue Security Yesterday, the Latinx Student Alliance released an open letter requesting that the University do a better job recognizing the needs of Latinx students, who...

All A Capella: Ep 4 – The Hullabahoos Meet the Hullabahoos, the smooth talking gents that bring the pop. Check them out here before their concerts Oct 18th (8:30pm) and Oct 19th...

Does UVA Fail Transfer Students?   WUVA sits down with two transfer students to discuss their experience and struggles adjusting to UVA. Is there more the University could do to...