UVa Student Entrepreneurs Start Game-changing Personal Training Service

Second-year UVa students Grant Sirlin and Jared Vishno have developed a sports training service called Division 1-on-1 Trainers that provides young athletes in college...

Wheelie Kid – the UVa Legend

WUVA had the opportunity to talk to Juwan Jones, the man behind the infamous title - Wheelie Kid. Known by all UVa students for...

Meet The Cavalier Man

We met Kim Kirschnick, also known as The Cavalier Man and he showed us all the work that goes into the job, including how...

UVA’s Young Alumni Reunions 2017: YAR

YAR, Young Alumni Reunions happened last weekend and it was huge! Check out the action.

A Late Night Vigil – Reclaiming Grounds

Last night, on August 16th, 2017, 5,000 members from the University of Virginia and the Charlottesville community came together in a candle-lit vigil in...

1 Degree: an app like no other

By: Logan Carrington, Corey Cronin, Victoria Moran

WUVA Weekly 3-2-17

The Legacy of Walter Korte

By Alex Andrews, Cara Salpini, and Alex D'Elia

Virginia Mental Health Reform   The Virginia General Assembly are finally reforming state mental health systems to prevent those who really need medical care from harming themselves or others.

Racist Slurs in Kent Dabney Dorms: a deeper problem By Reade Pickert, Alexis Jones, Erin DeMane

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Living Two Lives – Women’s Volleyball and Sorority Sisters

We talked to Haley Fauntleroy and Kelsey Miller to learn about how they manage to juggle their busy lives as players on Women's Volleyball...

Professors Are People Too: Episode 6 – Adelaide King

via: The University of Virginia Each week on Professors Are People Too we ask a professor to tell us a story. This week Associate Professor of Commerce...

Documentary: Catch the King Breaks Tide-Mapping Records On November 5th, over 750 volunteers covered the Hampton Roads, Virginia area to collect high tide data. Dave Mayfield of the Virginian-Pilot says a...

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