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Clown Craze Comes to UVa?

The morning of October 10, students reported seeing people dressed up in clown costumes and holding baseball bats. One such instance was reported to...

UVa Faculty Call Second Presidential Debate “Unprecedented”

https://vimeo.com/186367621 UVa Media Studies Professor Doug Blackmon and Politics Professor Paul Freedman discuss the implications of Sunday night's presidential debate between candidates Hillary Clinton and...

UVa Solar Car Team Prepares to Launch New Car

The University of Virginia's Solar Car Team has completed designs for a new car. The program, which offers students the opportunity to learn about...

Why did the UVa College Republicans Endorse Trump?

https://vimeo.com/186219289 After the UVa College Republicans voted to endorse Donald Trump in a 67-63 vote, we dug deeper to find out why.

Students React to the Second Presidential Debate

https://vimeo.com/186302583/35310160a0 Reporters Alex Andrews and Pete DeLuca cover two student watch parties for the second presidential debate. See how students reacted here.

College Republican’s Endorsement of Donald Trump Prompts Student Backlash

https://vimeo.com/186303091 WUVA reporter Cara Salpini spoke to several minority student groups at UVA following the College Republican's controversial decision to endorse Republican nominee Donald Trump....

UVa Professor Investigates Lead Corrosion in Pipes, Flint Water Crisis

In April 2013, Michigan state treasurer Andy Dillon authorized the city of Flint to switch its water source from Lake Huron and the Detroit...

Tim Kaine Loses Cool in VP Debate

WUVA reporters attended the Vice Presidential Debate in Longwood University on Tuesday night. They spoke to Kellyanne Conway and Senator Mark Warner about their...

UVAVotes Encourages Student Voter Registration

In the 2012 election, the United States saw the lowest percentage of adults aged 18-24 voting since the 2000 campaign. The number fell to...

Rotunda Finally Invites Charlottesville Inside

The University of Virginia’s acclaimed Rotunda reopened this Saturday after nearly two and a half years of renovations, much to the delight of students...

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UVA New Curriculums: What You Need to Know

What's up with UVA's new curriculums? WUVA News took to the streets to find out from the students themselves. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3azbG9GlcyA Produced by: Micah Rucci Quincy...

TURBO: Can the Cavaliers Stop the Cardinals?

On this TURBO reporter Ean Greenberg discusses the Louisville Cardinals strong defense, and the players to look for, on both sides of the field. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0H0ly55miY Produced...

NOW: Million Dollar Protest Security and Absentee Voting

Today we look back on the anniversary of the August 11th and 12th protests and how much money was actually spent by the Virginia...