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The local culture and life of the University of Virginia (UVA) and the Charlottesville, Virginia community.

“Trump” – from the Eyes of Students Abroad

On the night of November 8th, I watched Donald Drumpf’s victory shake the world from overseas. While studying abroad in Copenhagen, I noted there really...

Meet the Mormons: Missionaries on Grounds Open Up About UVa Experience

We have all seen the Mormons on grounds. They are the ones in suits or skirts, carrying books, wearing name tags. While some of...

Lighting of the Lawn: More Than Just A Flashy Light Show

By: Mia Barron, Caroline Coleburn, and Mekenzye Schwab.  This year's Lighting of the Lawn ceremony served as a way to promote inclusivity in the Charlottesville and...

Blackness At UVa

By: Mekenzye Schwab, Caroline Coleburn, and Mia Barron. The extremely popular Black Monologues production returned to UVa for a second year, and explores the...

9 Things To Do During Finals That Are Not Studying

Finals are rapidly approaching and for many students, that can put a damper on their holiday spirit. While it is important to study for these...

Miss Kathy: What’s not to love about Miss Buttkicker?

By: Caroline Coleburn, Mekenzye Schwab, Mia Barron  The lady we all know as Miss Kathy has worked for UVA Dining for fifteen years, and we wanted...

An Evening at the Theater, Post-Apocalypse

“How will we survive as a community?” asks the director’s notes of “Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play”. The answer: Storytelling. Although it helps to have...

Fredericksburg Kicks off the Holiday Season with Community Events

With less than a month until fall semester reaches a close and winter break begins, it is becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate on exams...

Beach House Sets Charlottesville Ablaze

It was a warm, November night in Charlottesville, Virginia (weird). Teens and adults alike buzzed with excitement as they herded one by one into...

Trick or Treating on the Lawn

https://vimeo.com/190112717 Team: Bryan Pedersen, Harley Robertson, Suchi Patel

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NOW: Charlottesville City Public Schools Closed Due to Threat

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkcC10nkXU8 Charlottesville City Public Schools were closed Thursday due to a threat of "ethnic cleansing" made against Charlottesville High School on the website 4chan. This...

Virginia Basketball: NCAA Tournament Preview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtpbPOrRo3c March Madness is here. The Virginia Cavaliers have the #1 seed in the South Region and will begin play in the NCAA Tournament Friday...

UVA hosts Al1gn conference!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW-CMFR7jSw Eshaan Sarup describes the conference UVA will be hosting to support low income and first-generation college students!