How Much do Orientees Know About UVA?

With UVA Orientation going on, we wanted to see how much UVA’s class of 2023 knows about the university.

Featuring Amelia Delphos
Produced By Kyra Min, K. Josiah Park, and Kara Peters

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Amelia Delphos
Amelia is the the Director of WUVA Comedy. She is a second year studying History and Psychology with plans to attend Law School. Email:
Kyra Min
I am a current third year at UVA (Class of 2021) and am majoring in American Studies with a concentration in Pop and Visual Culture. Feel free to email me with any questions, concerns, or comments at
K. Josiah Park
Hello, I am an editor and camera person for WUVA. I just have a passion for creating.
Kara Peters
I am currently a third-year double-majoring in Media Studies and American Studies. I have a passion for reporting, listening to peoples' stories and being a voice to the voiceless. If you would like to contact me regarding any questions, comments, or concerns please email at


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