Going, going… Cavalier Inn Demolition Begins

WUVA News takes one last look at the Cavalier Inn as demolition finally begins.

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Brynn Jefferson
Video news producer and second year at the University of Virginia. Do you have any feedback/advice/tips? Please contact me at: bvj9gp@virginia.edu
Matthew Newton
Second year from Pennsylvania! WUVA Sports Director. I love UVA sports and making videos. Stay tuned for lots of awesome content involving both!
Robb Dehney
I am our Head Football Analyst and a second year student from Wilmington, Delaware. I talk about baseball on the Wildcards Roundup podcast (found at www.robbswildcards.com and in the iTunes Store) in addition to my content for WUVA. I love baseball, football, and all sports and am looking forward to a career at the intersection of media, sports, and business. Contact me at rjd5sc@virginia.edu or rdehney@robbswildcards.com, and be sure to follow me @robbswildcards on Twitter!


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