Third Year Council Puts on Hoos Next Event

WUVA reporter Anne Parker Coleman caught up with some of the student speakers at Wednesday night’s “Hoos Next” event, a speaker series put on by Third Year Council. Check out what they had to say.

Reporter: Anne Parker Coleman

Producers: Vanessa Revilla, Kara Peters, Sammi Rappaport

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Sammi Rappaport
I am a student at the University of Virginia pursuing a career in broadcast journalism, studying Psychology and Media Studies! I have worked at ABC7 Washington DC, CBS News, and NBC-29 WVIR. I currently am a Daily Written Content Editor, a video team leader, and the Director of Alumni Relations for WUVA News. Thanks for taking a look at my work for WUVA!
Vanessa Revilla
I'm a First-Year student at the University of Virginia. I plan on studying Foreign Affairs or English. Contact me at:


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